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Friday, 22 April 2011

Writing - my new business!!

All about my new business………

My new business is writing. Ordinarily nothing to write home about!!! However, my first book in my mini series will support parents across the world to communicate with their babies from the day they are born!

Has this made you “stop dead in your tracks?” I have penned a “terrific” mini book that engages you the reader with some “fascinating and astounding” parenting information. It is the first in a series of mini books in communicating with and understanding baby body language.

I am a first time author and my mini book is aimed at time poor new mums (and dads). Baby Body Language-Your Guide to Communicating with Your Baby From Day One© is a unique guide to understanding and communicating with your infant from the day they experience ‘life outside the womb’. Yes I said day one! I have created a “revolutionary method” named The Blossom Method© and uniquely Tongue-Talking©. In addition to my findings I have worked with other mothers and fathers to support them in developing their skills utilising my findings and methods.

How exciting!!

I'll keep you posted on publishing news.

Warmest from a very excited mum!

1 comment:

  1. Nice idea, Vivien. It's good to use your skills while doing business! You earn money while improving your ability and gaining more knowledge. Writing is probably one of the most entertaining jobs! ;)