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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I've given my deadline for completion as January 2011....yikes!

Firstly John, thank you for your post. I am 13,875 words into my book and I begin working with a wonderful mother and her adorable eleven week old infant this Friday, 26th November 2010. I am writing a comprehensive section on Case Study findings taken from my findings and work with this mother and baby. We (the lovely mother and I) are both very excited about our work and we will be working intensively over the coming weeks.

Other good news is a wonder friend and former colleague (a Consultant Psychiatrist) has agreed to write the 'Foreward' to my book.

Also in January 2011, I hope to begin working with a film-maker interested in making a film about my work and findings.

Could working life be any better..I think not!

Warmest wishes to you all for now


PS I have an article going into the press soon, but I'll inform you about this a little later.

In answer to your question John I hope you will be able to buy my book in many stores across the globe and online line in the very near future!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Almost 10,000 words into my Baby Body Language Book and my graduation was wonderful!

Hello all

I thought I'd share with you my news.

Yesterday, I attended my graduation with Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute. What a wonderful day! A celebration of all that I (and others) have achieved. How wonderful to be given my certificate (Masters equivalent degree - Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy). And this is indeed recognition of how hard I have worked to get it!!

I am also almost 10,000 words into my book about Baby Body Language. I am enjoying remembering and reflecting on my experience of nurturing Blossom. It's funny what comes back into my mind as I write my book.

Warmest wishes to you all for now.


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My computer crashed...but all is well!

Morning all

I had a scary moment when my laptop crashed and I thought for just a second my little book was lost! Thanks to our wonderful computer engineer (Mick) all is now well. Let this be a lesson to me and all others who fail to back up their work on their computers!

Graduation on Saturday, how lovely!

All is moving forward in the right direction. I'm still up to about 8,000 words in my book, I think the laptop incident gave me a fright and stopped my creative juices flowing, but only for a little while!

What are you guys up to? Any news?

Warm wishes Viv

Saturday, 6 November 2010

I've passed my clinical finals and I'm 8,003 words into my baby body language book!

Well hello again and how are you?

I write with wonderful news. I have passed my clinical finals (merit, merit, distinction) and am looking forward to graduating next week! Isn't this fantastic news? I will be taking a break from study....for a while at least. OK for those of you who know me personally I can imagine you smiling as you read this. I AM TAKING A BREAK, I promise and my PhD will have to wait!

I am 8,003 words into my little book. I'm enjoying the process of writing about infants and parents, contact and communication, body language and facial expressions. It is a subject close to my heart and one I'm looking forward to sharing with you.

Any news from you?

For now warm wishes and goodbye Viv xxxx