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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A little more of the journey so far......


Sorry it's been a little while since I have made contact. I have indeed been a very busy psychotherapist, researcher and writer.

In January 2011 I closed my laptop cover and breathed a huge sigh of relief. As a driven and tenacious woman, I successfully requested and secured peer reviews from experts/parents across the globe. My reviews from Australia, South Africa, Scotland, England, USA and other places have been more than sensational. This said I felt something wasn't quite right with my book. I somehow felt my manuscript was underselling my "fascinating and astounding discoveries".

One of my reviewers was particularly helpful and suggested I undertook a further edit of my manuscript. I spent many more hours on this task until my laptop almost died! Not a great feeling for a writer I'll have you know! After editing and failing to do what you and I both know you need to...yes save it to disk, I lost my edited manuscript!!!! It was no where to be found. I had printed out a copy so I wasn't too devastated! I lost time, a little pride and was most annoyed with myself.......apart from this all was cool.

My laptop did die (although after some life-saving, we managed to save it and it's well enough for accessing CBBC and other such sites). After much persuasion I purchased a MacBook. I suppose I'm a little old school when comes to computers but I've been delighted with the MacBook and won't ever look back! Also I'm told all famous authors have MacBooks so I suppose I better jump on board!!

Now where was I..oh yes editing. Mmm editing is a rather laborious task but non the less a worthwhile skill to develop. The edited manuscript now highlights the delights of understanding and communicating with your baby from day one. I am happy with my mini book and will use all of the original material to write further mini books, so nothing is lost.

One of my reviewers has been very impressed and as such has taken my manuscript to a publishing house in Australia. I am now awaiting feedback. Will they or won't they? This is the question. I'll keep you updated with all my news.

I'm off to chill out for now. I'll be in touch soon.

Best wishes to you all for now Viv