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Sunday, 21 April 2013

I blame the parents

I blame the parents

Last night as I watched The Voice I became enraged as we were introduced to a young man with Tourette Syndrome. I became so cross I have decided to blog about it. This young man told of how he was bullied in school. This is when I really saw red!

Is it 2013? Are we supporting our children to embrace difference or are we laughing and sniggering at those who are different? Why in this day and age is bullying still so rife?

I work as a psychotherapist and each and every day in my practice I come across stories of bullying. It makes my blood boil. I 100% blame the parents. Yes, that’s right you heard me I blame you for allowing this to continue. We all know it’s wrong so why is it still happening?

Bullying behavior is seemingly happening all over the world in every school in every city and town across the world.

Why can’t parents sit their children down and tell them bullying is not acceptable?

Why can’t parents tell their kids it is not acceptable to be on the receiving end of bullying or to be a bully?  Do we really need others to tell us this? I don’t think so but just in case I’m telling you to sit your kids down and tell them all about it.

Please join me in this and spend five minutes with all of your children and tell them in no uncertain terms that bullying is an act of cowardice. Tell them that bullying is not smart, clever or funny but that it is despicable and dreadful. Tell them that it hurts people and that some people cannot bear to continue living as a result of being on the receiving end of it. Let’s stamp it out. Let’s be sure that we are not passive in this and that we are active in our parenting.
Let’s STOP bullying and let’s do it NOW.