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The Blossom Method™

Vermilion is thrilled to announce the acquisition of The Blossom Method™ – an exciting book revealing a revolutionary new technique for understanding babies. 

Brought up by a deaf mother, Vivien Sabel developed a heightened sensitivity to body language and learnt from an early age how to communicate without words. When her own daughter, Blossom, was born she instinctively used these skills to discover her daughter’s emotions and needs. She discovered that babies have their own way of ‘talking’ through their facial expressions and body language, and, most notably, that the movement of their tongues relates to very specific requests.
In this groundbreaking book, Vivien shows how parents can recognise their baby’s own ‘tongue talking’ and body language through The Blossom Method™. Parents will be able to distinguish their babies’ emotions and needs, such as when their babies are hungry, windy or if they are feeling ill. Her fantastic new technique means that parents can meet their babies’ needs before they reach the crying stage, leading to a happier baby and an even stronger bond between parent and child.
This is a revolutionary technique that could change the way we communicate with infants forever.

The Blossom Method™ 

Is published by Random House Publishers – Vermilion Imprint (June 2012) home to the bestseller-Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer.

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