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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sue Atkins - Parenting Easy App

Sue Atkins Parenting Made Easy App

Independent Review ~ by Vivien Sabel

Sue’s approach to parenting and parents is to encourage, support, empower and by doing so, develop awareness within individual parents and the parenting community. Her latest parenting app follows the same proactive principles.

Downloading Sue's App literally took me a couple of minutes. I am no technical whizz so ease of access is important to me. It appeared on my iphone in what seemed like seconds!

Sue’s app homepage doesn’t pull any punches! She begins by telling you how tough being a parent can be. She then goes on to say what a wonderful and important role you play in the lives of your children. This is so true and this app will provide you with all the tools and techniques you and your children deserve!

In her Parenting Made Easy App Sue recognises you as a parent are the expert and with the support and guidance provided you can be more than good enough. Sue is a realistic coach who knows much in relation to positive parenting. She knows all the answers to parenting issues lie deep within you. In seeing parents as the experts and implementing her wonderful coaching skills, Sue imparts knowledge and support seamlessly.

I love Sue’s Top Secrets where she reiterates the key concept of setting boundaries; this is interwoven throughout. The affirmations provide you with a sprinkle of spirituality and remind you of the power of positive thinking.

In addition this app gives you uplifting stories, inspirational sayings, personal recommendations, top tips, access to Sue’s blog and so much more.

I cannot believe this app costs only £2.99 and I can confirm it’s worth every penny!

Brilliant Sue! Another amazing success and a must have for all parents!

Mother, Stepmother, Grandmother!!
Relational Psychotherapist/Clinical Supervisor/Researcher/Writer

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Babies Can Sign ~ Let's Sign Songs for Children

Let’s Sign Songs for Children by Vicki Gilbert & Cath Smith Children’s DVD

Independent Review by Vivien Sabel

In reviewing this DVD I have to tell you a secret! I am fluent in British Sign Language so of course I’m biased. I loved the DVD, the songs, and everything about it. It was so easy for me to follow so I decided I would test the DVD on my 6 year old and my OH.

The top ten tips are very helpful. Make sure you spend a few minutes listening to those; they will make all the difference to your learning and add bags more fun to your signing. I think they will help your little ones to develop more body confidence too.

My daughter and OH loved it! I laughed so much to see my OH signing parts of the songs to me later the same day. I have been signing to him for years and he still hasn’t learnt hardly any signs from me. After one viewing of Let’s Sign Songs he now has quite a vocabulary! My daughter enjoyed the DVD too. I think they both loved the family fun time, the collective wearing of the ‘silly hat’ and the sitting down together to share something fun, interesting and educational.

I only have praise for this DVD! Well-done Vicki a triumph! A must have DVD for all families!

Babies Can Sign can be ordered from http//

I would also like to quash any myths about teaching infant’s sign language and it affecting their speech. This has not been and is not my experience. Sign Language is a wonderful, full, rich language and I would encourage ALL parents to attend baby-signing classes. It will not only see the bond between you deepen and develop, it will also help your little one develop an early vocabulary.

Vivien Sabel
Relational Psychotherapist/Clinical Supervisor/Researcher/Writer/Reviewer

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Seeking new mums or soon to be mums


I'm in the process of redrafting a mini book for possible publication with a major publishing house. I have met with the publishers, they are "very excited and enthusiastic" but have advised to secure some more parent quotes and run some more trials utilising the Blossom Method©. I have created the Blossom Method© a most unique tool for parenting in the 21st Century!

The redraft is coming along very nicely indeed. I have organised to trial my findings and met with new Mums and their infants but am seeking to find a group of mums whom I could work with, teach and trial my findings in the Yorkshire area. Are there any breastfeeding groups who may want to participate?

The Blossom Method© helps mothers (and fathers) communicate with their baby from the minute they are born. My book manuscript in its' original form was sent across the globe and reviewed by parents and parenting professionals. The book manuscript has received sensational reviews and my findings have been described as sensational, groundbreaking, amazing, astounding and much more.

If you are interested in being involved and you are either a soon to be mum, a new mum or you are involved in a mum and baby group e.g. a breastfeeding group with babies under 12 weeks please contact me via this blog or via twitter!

I can't wait to teach you something that may support you to understand and communicate with your baby from the moment they are born!

I look forward to more contact with you

warmest Vivien

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hello and apologies for my absence


Just a quick post to say my additional research into my findings and the editing of my book are time-consuming and wonderful! It does however mean you may find I'm a little absent in terms of blogging. Please forgive me!

All is going very well indeed but gathering data from across the globe is a big undertaking and one I'm enjoying. I have met, emailed, skyped, telephoned some wonderful soon to be mums. I have also been in correspondence with and met with some wonderful new mums. Oh it's so fantastic to know that you are working with me on this project. I wish for the purposes of research I could replicate me and visit in person each and every one of you.

I wanted to post this blog to thank all of you. THANK YOU one and all. You are getting involved in some truly groundbreaking research into infant and mother/father communication. My work with you inspires me to keep to a tight deadline and get my book to you and others across the world as soon as possible.

Time to go to bed now but I'll be back.

Much appreciation always Vivien

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Independent Book Review ~ Parenting Apart

Independent Book Review by Vivien Sabel ~ Parenting Apart

Parenting Apart by Christina McGhee

This has to be one of the most comprehensive and empowering guidebooks I have read to date. Let’s be serious, separation and divorce is difficult enough but divorce when there are children involved is an emotive and complex matter. A family unit torn apart is even more difficult. McGhee begins her masterpiece by reminding us “it won’t be easy.” She then goes on to offer guidance that is second to none!

This book seamlessly glides through every possible topic imaginable from change, loss and legalities, to do’s and don’ts and common problems. She has divided the book into four sections with each of the sections carrying the answers to all of the questions a parent will consider through this guilt-ridden period of change.

She begins by introducing us to ‘the relationship between stress and parenting’, a wonderful introduction to allow us to see how our behaviours and responses can have a lasting and detrimental impact upon our offspring and us. At this point I began to wonder if McGhee had undertaken some clinical training but then I learnt of her coaching skills! And what a coach she must be! Feelings, behaviours, emotions and managing change are interwoven with clear-cut, practical management.

To me, this book is more than a guide. It is a MUST READ for all parents contemplating separation and divorce. For those of you already divorced it will help you to continue to sail the ‘sometimes’ stormy seas of separation.

Well-done Christina! Your work will support millions to deal with parenting apart. You describe your book as “a practical and empowering guide to raising happy and secure children after divorce or separation” to me it’s even more!

Vivien Sabel
Relational Psychotherapist/Clinical Supervisor/Researcher/Writer