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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Seeking new mums or soon to be mums


I'm in the process of redrafting a mini book for possible publication with a major publishing house. I have met with the publishers, they are "very excited and enthusiastic" but have advised to secure some more parent quotes and run some more trials utilising the Blossom Method©. I have created the Blossom Method© a most unique tool for parenting in the 21st Century!

The redraft is coming along very nicely indeed. I have organised to trial my findings and met with new Mums and their infants but am seeking to find a group of mums whom I could work with, teach and trial my findings in the Yorkshire area. Are there any breastfeeding groups who may want to participate?

The Blossom Method© helps mothers (and fathers) communicate with their baby from the minute they are born. My book manuscript in its' original form was sent across the globe and reviewed by parents and parenting professionals. The book manuscript has received sensational reviews and my findings have been described as sensational, groundbreaking, amazing, astounding and much more.

If you are interested in being involved and you are either a soon to be mum, a new mum or you are involved in a mum and baby group e.g. a breastfeeding group with babies under 12 weeks please contact me via this blog or via twitter!

I can't wait to teach you something that may support you to understand and communicate with your baby from the moment they are born!

I look forward to more contact with you

warmest Vivien

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