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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Babies Can Sign ~ Let's Sign Songs for Children

Let’s Sign Songs for Children by Vicki Gilbert & Cath Smith Children’s DVD

Independent Review by Vivien Sabel

In reviewing this DVD I have to tell you a secret! I am fluent in British Sign Language so of course I’m biased. I loved the DVD, the songs, and everything about it. It was so easy for me to follow so I decided I would test the DVD on my 6 year old and my OH.

The top ten tips are very helpful. Make sure you spend a few minutes listening to those; they will make all the difference to your learning and add bags more fun to your signing. I think they will help your little ones to develop more body confidence too.

My daughter and OH loved it! I laughed so much to see my OH signing parts of the songs to me later the same day. I have been signing to him for years and he still hasn’t learnt hardly any signs from me. After one viewing of Let’s Sign Songs he now has quite a vocabulary! My daughter enjoyed the DVD too. I think they both loved the family fun time, the collective wearing of the ‘silly hat’ and the sitting down together to share something fun, interesting and educational.

I only have praise for this DVD! Well-done Vicki a triumph! A must have DVD for all families!

Babies Can Sign can be ordered from http//

I would also like to quash any myths about teaching infant’s sign language and it affecting their speech. This has not been and is not my experience. Sign Language is a wonderful, full, rich language and I would encourage ALL parents to attend baby-signing classes. It will not only see the bond between you deepen and develop, it will also help your little one develop an early vocabulary.

Vivien Sabel
Relational Psychotherapist/Clinical Supervisor/Researcher/Writer/Reviewer

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