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Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Blossom Method™ - A Review by Roxana Rudzik-Shaw

Book Review: "The Blossom MethodTM. Vivien Sabel writes from the heart in her baby-centred book, The Blossom Method™. Typically parents-to-be or new parents, as well as primary caregivers, devote much of their time attending to babies and young children, providing them with various experiences facilitating the development of their babies' senses, teaching them about the world and how to acquire new skills to aid their personal development, including personalities or identities.

However, whilst babies are not born with linguistic communication capabilities or coherent paralinguistic and non-verbal mediums of communication that would be recognised by the majority of adults, we may at times overlook babies' eagerness to communicate with us in their own way. The question we as adults need to consider is whether we are able to communicate effectively with babies? And if so, are we ready to accept that we need to learn about the new born individual from their unique perspective?
We are aware of the two-way process of communication whereby 'the message' is sent to an intended recipient and if it is heard and understood, the recipient strives to convey their understanding of this message back to the sender. This not only applies to young people and adults, but to newborns also. Babies are keen to be 'heard' and understood, otherwise they may begin to feel distressed and frustrated as may be the case for the majority adults.

On reading The Blossom Method™, it is very clear from Vivien's personal experiences as a mother and the experiences of her research participants, that each baby wishes to communicate with us in their unique way as well as being attended to, such as having their primary needs met and feeling safe, cared for and loved. The Blossom Method™ embraces this idea, educating us about the importance of non-verbal communication with babies, whilst also offering a simplistic and practical model of Observe-Mirror-Respond in which to use as a basis of being able to communicate more effectively with your baby, understanding your baby's needs and desires through their non-verbal behaviour and to more clearly understand what your baby is trying to communicate to you.
In The Blossom Method™ Vivien offers this three step model as an invitation to try to explore with your own baby with the aim being to connect with our babies, build a great foundation for a two-way relationship to flourish. This invitation is refreshing and unlike many 'How To' books I have come across that claim to have all the answers, and unfortunately, in doing so these books seem to put a lot of pressure on parents-to-be and new parents.

By comparison, Vivien's compassion and warmth shine through in The Blossom Method™. I would most definitely recommend this book to any expectant and new parents, as well as adults in the helping professions. I would also offer The Blossom Method™ as a resource to some of the clients I encounter whom at times struggle to be ‘perfect’ as parents or caregivers. I believe The Blossom Method™ would encourage more exploration and confidence-building in striving to be the best one can be." 

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