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Sunday, 20 February 2011

First review manuscript has been described as an "absolute gift"!!

Dear all

Today I have just received the first of my reviews. I am delighted by the reviewers comments.

The reviewer begins by saying "Look Who's Talking NOW!!" by Vivien Sabel is an absolute gift." She goes onto to say "I highly recommend it to all parents or anyone who works with or has an interest in the positive development of our children".

The positive comments flowed and of course I couldn't be happier.

May I thank all of my reviewers; I am deeply appreciate of the time you are taking to review my manuscript, thank you all of you across the globe.

I'll keep you posted on all of my global reviews.

Warmest wishes and much appreciation.


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Global reviews of my book exciting!


How are you and what news do you have?

I have yet more exciting news! I have had some amazing reviews of my manuscript from friends, family members, colleagues and fellow clinicians but for ethical reasons I want to secure reviews of my manuscript from mums, dads, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, therapists, special educational needs teachers, sleep counsellors,and others who don't know me. Or from individuals I may have met but don't have a close or personal relationship with. Of course I've had to find them, introduce myself and my findings, and request a review from them giving them a rather tight deadline too (if you are accessing this blog sorry for the tight deadline reviewers), I am so very keen to get my manuscript into print and out there across the globe!!

I have secured reviewers from as far Australia and South Africa. I am hoping to secure an American reviewer too.

By the way any MIDWIVES out there and DOULAS wishing to review my manuscript please feel free to contact me and let me know. I will be happy to have your review included too.

Right I'm a busy woman and I am being slightly avoidant again. I have been asked to work on a research paper as it will be published later in the year and I have until the end of February to finish it!! Oh well, those of you who know me know I will do it but you also know I'll distract myself with this blog and other wonderful distractions to avoid researching 'ambivalence and anxiety' a theme from the research!

Much love and warmth Viv

Yorkshire Post 9th February 2011 - my story made the front page headline!!

Hello all

Well, what a wonderful piece in the Yorkshire Post. I popped into the Newsagents on my way to clinic on Wednesday. As soon as I saw the Yorkshire Post I knew my story was in.

The story made the front page headlines "BRINGING UP BABY - HOW TO TELL WHAT NEWBORNS REALLY WANT." Next to the headline was a lovely photograph taken by Emma Hammond - professional photographer, ( of the adorable Cat and Sebastian, the lovely mum and baby I've been working with to produce the case study for the book.

The feedback I have had from you about the article has been wonderful. I feel so supported in bringing this book into the world. You seem to have embodied my enthusiasm and appear to be mirroring it back to me. In addition you have brought with you your own enthusiasm and you appear to be demonstrating this in so many ways. A big big thank you to you all.

I'll sign off on this post for now as I have more amazing news...I'll write a new post for this!

Warmest wishes and a big thank you!

Here's the link to the Yorkshire Post article

Mmmmwwwaaaa Vivien