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Friday, 22 April 2011

A little bit about me, the author, the psychotherapist, the mother....

Vivien Sabel: UKCP Relational Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Infant Communication Consultant and Mother.

I am a researcher, writer and psychotherapist in full-time practice in North Yorkshire, UK. I have recently written the first in a mini book series in Baby Body Language. The mini book has been globally reviewed by best selling parenting authors, mothers, fathers, professors, psychotherapists, parenting experts, sleep consultants, child psychotherapists, etc. and the reviews have been fantastic. My book is now with a publisher and they are reviewing it for potential publication...exciting times!!

The book content has been described as "ground-breaking, fascinating, astounding, wonderful, insightful, innovative" and much more....

The title of this book is up for debate..any thoughts or suggestions will be considered........

I have Masters equivalent degrees in Integrative Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Counselling. I have two further Postgraduate Certificates in Clinical Supervision and Management. I studied for my first undergraduate degree in Deaf Studies (and Sign Language Interpreting) and originally graduated in 1996.

Although I am hearing, I am fluent in British Sign Language (BSL) and formerly trained (University of Bristol) and registered as a Trainee BSL Interpreter. My mother is profoundly deaf and uses Lip-reading as an aid to communication. As a result of my upbringing and nurturing with deafness, I consider myself to be fluent in the language of the body and non-verbal communication. In my clinical practice I utilise this to great affect where I address the incongruence between non-verbal and verbal utterances in support of my clients deepening of their own self understanding and awareness.

Please get in touch if you would like me to write for you or provide you with some expertise! Warmest Vivien

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