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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Still awaiting news from the publisher

Dear all

I know many of you check in and follow my blog in relation to my book news so here's the latest! Yesterday, I made contact with the publishers. They have asked me to forward some of the photographs taken for my manuscript. So like an eager beaver I have done so! The photographs are truly beautiful and demonstrate some of my baby body language discoveries and findings. The photograph here shows the lovely Cat and Sebastian. Here we see how they mirror each others gaze so beautifully. I have worked with Cat to support her to understand her beautiful baby's body language.

Cat said “Working with Vivien and understanding all about Sebastian’s body language has allowed me to maximise his happiness and minimise his distress. I have been able to understand his body language and in doing so have met his needs before he reaches the crying stage.”

I wish to publicly thank all of of the wonderful Mummys and Daddys I have worked with in writing my book; you have all been a joy to work with and our learning shall never be forgotten!

Warmest wishes to you all for now Vivien

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