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Saturday, 16 April 2011

A funny story to extract from my upcoming book!

At thirteen months old, on a family holiday to South Africa I recall Blossom's breast-feeding experiences seemingly surprised some of our fellow passengers on the aeroplane. Blossom breast-fed throughout this long haul flight. I distinctly recall her saying “I'll have the left one booby Mummy”, and when she had finished nourishing herself on my left breast she said “I'll have the right one booby Mummy”. I noted the non-verbal expressions of a gentleman sitting in a seat on the opposite aisle. He looked over at me and looked at Blossom as if to say: “Who said that?” I indicated non-verbally by looking down at Blossom that she had uttered the words. He was very surprised that this seemingly young baby could express herself so clearly – let alone distinguish between left and right!

Warmest Viv

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