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Monday, 4 April 2011

My book is with a publishing house...they are reviewing it for potential publication!


I wonder what you are doing and how life is treating you?

It's a blustery wet day here in Yorkshire but the sun is still shining in my mind!! My book has travelled across the globe and is with a publishing house in Australia. This in itself is exciting but waiting to hear from them is very, very exciting. I am trying to contain my excitement and get on with life and work but I find myself drifting off and wondering how a book launch would be in Australia!!! Wouldn't it be fabulous!!

I wonder what they'll think? I am as always positive but this is all new to me.

Right I have to go...I have a clinic to run.

Warmest wishes for now Vivien

1 comment:

  1. Just been totally fascinated by your book .... extraordinary and exciting ! Have you seen the video of the twins "talking?" We have only touched the surface of how to communicate with each other !
    Sue Atkins
    Author of "Raising Happy Children for Dummies"