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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Baby Body Language

Human language development may have suppressed, to a subconscious level, a more primal body language communication which is still experienced and available to us. Make yourself more aware, and in doing so, develop a wonderful connectedness with the body and feelings of you and your infant.

My upcoming book considers the importance of early communication and a secure attachment for infants. It emphasizes the benefits of co-creating a safe, nurturing and active listening environment where early communication and an innate sense of being seen (and therefore heard) are experienced as valuable to both caregiver and infant.

In infancy and beyond your aim should be to create a safe and loving place for your infant to develop and grow where interaction between you, as a primary caregiver, and your infant is felt and experienced. This will support your infant to feel and experience trust and develop confidence in their relationships with you and others. If your infant feels understood, feels contained and feels seen (and therefore heard), will this support the development of your infant's emotional core infrastructure required for emotional and physical development? The effects of our early experiences are embodied and continually experienced throughout life.

Any thoughts or comments welcomed.

Warmest Viv

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