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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Baby Signing - Is fantastic!

I once met a grandmother with concerns about baby signing. I was keen to clarify the benefits of this wonderful early communication system.

I am a keen supporter of baby signing. Some time ago, I remember having a conversation with a grandparent about her daughter wishing to pursue this with her infant. The grandmother was asking me what I felt about it, so I went onto explain how wonderful it was to utilise sign language with your baby. I explained how useful and creative it was to see infants signing to their parents (and vice versa) and others. I also said it was fantastic to see infants being understood by their parents, and as a result getting their needs met prior to developing full speech. The grandmother was surprised. She said that she had felt rather negative about her daughter enrolling onto a 'Baby Signing' class. I was surprised she had felt negative and asked her to explain her reasons for her negativity. The grandmother said she had previously thought it may interfere with her grandchild's speech development. I said that this was not my experience and that I whole-heartedly supported mothers (or fathers) attendance at Baby-Signing classes. The grandmother knew of my background and as a result seemingly changed her views on this subject. Baby signing is fantastic!!

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