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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Moving my research forward and finding a mum (or dad) and infant to support

Hello all and thank you for all your comments regarding my research and my article "Speaking in Tongues."

Sorry for not specifically responding to Rosalind, Paula, Kate and Nyasha and thank you for your thought provoking insights. No excuse, I know but I've been busy working on the next stage of my plan to get the world to recognise the importance of understanding pre-verbal communication in support of a solid foundation for mental health and well-being and supporting beautiful relationships to grow and develop further.

I have now decided to move on to the next stage of my research. How exciting is this!!

Right now I'm thinking of you Viki rubbing your hands together with glee and excitement...I know you know you do this! Your non-verbal communication is wonderful!

For those of you that know me you know how exciting this is for me, and for those of you that don't know me then watch this space!

I am going to contact the local press to see if I can volunteer my clinical services to work with a new mum or dad and their infant. I will offer my clinical observation skills and all that is me to support them to further build a more contactful and wonderfully attuned relationship. I will then carefully note down my findings and utilise this to write further about the work around pre-verbal communication and the development of relationship as a result.

I wonder if you know of anyone local to me that needs some support? I am wondering about a mum with the symptoms of post natal depression who could really do with some support and imput at no cost to them.

Let's face it... there really isn't enough support for those of us that experience the symptoms of post natal depression and if I can offer a free service then I'm hopeful I'll find a someone to support. Mmmm... was that a political statement about a lack of service provision??

If any of you have any ideas I would be very appreciative. Let's see what the local press can do to support me to find someone who could really benefit from the shared experience.

Much warmth to you for now Viv - a very excited mum and psychotherapist

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  1. Hello all

    I've been busy planning my work with infants and mums and dads, and undertaking a piece of research into 'life after delivery'. So apologies for my absence!

    I am feeling excited about the coming months as I intend to put together a book to support mums and dads with attuning to their infants.

    I am also, in support of Deaf Awareness Week (4th October 2010), teaching (on a voluntary basis for a term) some British Sign Language at a local primary school. I wish the education authorities would place British Sign Language on the National Curriculum. I feel this would be very helpful in generating more deaf awareness and understanding of deaf culture and the deaf community.

    I'll write more soon, but in the meantime, take good care and keep in touch. x