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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Welcome to the Discussion Forum

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Vivien Sabel


  1. Hello Vivien

    I have just read all the information available on your website and i find it extreamly interesting. Iam currently 21 but in many years time when i come to have children I would be very interested in gaining more information and putting into practice what you have discussed. If it is possible to help to satisfy the childs needs by understanding the movement of their tongue it helps to ease the child quickly and without causeing stress.
    Good luck with any further research and I hope other people realise how much of a fantastic opportunity you are offering.

  2. Dear Vivien

    I just wanted to start by thanking you for sharing your work with me .I have just read your article and fund it quite intriguing as I am a young woman who is also a trainee psychotherapist .Recently I have learnt how so important attachment and communication is in human development and am excited at the thought of the pre verbal communication that there could be or there is already a way of effective communication through tongues,how exciting. I look forward to reading any further research on this work.
    Good luck and best wishes

  3. hi,
    i'm here!!!!!! great to see your website!!! well done, how exciting...i will pass the web address to everyone i meet...hehehe!