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Monday, 3 May 2010

Welcome to the Discussion Forum

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Vivien Sabel


  1. At last you have a photo of you - and such a fabulous one!!! I do think we tend to look at the grosser non-verbals and to generalise about applicability - rather than look at the subtle and individual. That's (part of) why I love your PDF. An example of what I mean is eye-accessing cues - which are by no means foolproof! I remeber studying many years ago Rudolf Laban's (very precise) Effort Notation: alas now largely forgotten. I also wonder how often what we call intuition is picking up on non-verbals without realising it. Anyway, that's probably quite enough for now..........

    Love and Blessings,


  2. Hi Vivien
    I have just read your article on 'speaking in tongues' and I thought it was fascinating!! I find it really interesting because I am having to find alternative ways of communicating with my son who is age 3 years. He can't talk due to Cerebral Palsy. I found your article very inspiring and it has given me hope that I can have a close relationship with him, even though he can't speak. Many thanks!! Maria

  3. Hi Vivien I have just read your article "Speaking in Tongues" Wow how thought provoking. I find it fascinating that you picked up so much from your observations. Having met your daughter, she is so calm and laid back. I am not surprised that you managed to pick up so much and feel sure that her present behaviour is due to the early communication. Having worked with Deaf children for many years this confirms the need for early communication to be established as soon as possible to help to prevent many of the problems that Deaf children and young people face every day. Many of the problems they face could be averted if they only had early access to communication. Janet S

  4. Hello David
    Thank you for posting on the site. You have given me another area for exploration. I am unfamiliar with the work of Rudolf Laban. Thank you providing me with more to think about in terms of non verbal communication. Warm wishes Viv

  5. Hello Maria
    I feel sure as an attuned parent you have wonderful communication with you son. I suspect the 'eye' communication between the two of you is amazing! Warm wishes Viv

  6. Hello Janet
    So good to hear from you! I know what you mean about early communication. I feel a good infant/parent attachment and early attunement in terms of communication can very much support both infant and parent in forming a solid bond on which to build. Warm wishes Viv

  7. hi vivien your work looks absolutely amazing,you have many great talents and your work should help alot of people.Early communication could be very helpful in all aspects of a childs future development.i wish you well with all that you do,i am sure you will definately be a credit to all who are involved.xx

  8. HI Vivien,

    loved your article and I think you are clearly on to something here that has not been picked up and warrants much more research and exploration. I passed it on to a couple of friends who really liked it too. Keep on!

    all best wishes


  9. Hi Vivien,

    I have read your article and found it so interesting. What I have learnt over the years is how much communication is so important (with help from you!!!!!). For a child it is so important to feel you can express your feelings and for an adult to be able to understand a child’s needs without speaking is truly fantastic and something I strongly believe would change a childs life as they grow up. Its something I've not heard much about and I am sure many new mothers out there will love the support and it is an area which isn’t being fulfilled enough. Your work is fantastic Vivien and it will interest a lot of people. I will pass your web site on to all my friends and any new mums to be in the future. You can change peoples lives like you changed mine!

    All the best


  10. Hi Viv,

    I really just wanted to stop by and say 'hello' and that your site is looking wonderful and very inspirational! I am missing you this week! So fabulous to see that your project is gaining momentum and wishing you well on your exciting journey. Much Love, Paula xx