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Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Independent Parenting Book Review - How to be a Parent Champion by Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson’s ~ How to be a Parent Champion

Despite this book’s cover, it is a jewel in the world of parenting literature. This is not a typical parenting book; the focus is not on fixing but on maximizing potential! In this inspirational book Alan Wilson brings to life many wonderful, key concepts. How to be a Parent Champion, will teach you how to empower you (as a parent) and your wonderful off spring!

I’m also delighted to inform, this book is congruent; it really does what it says on the tin!

“When you are at your most resourceful and set the intention to connect with someone who is equally receptive, you will open up a whole new world of connections and possibilities!!! This is magic in action.”

How to be a Parent Champion focuses on the concept of ‘energetic connections’. This is truly an eye opener. This book highlights the joys of being deeply connected with yourself and your children and provides you with resources to support you to unlock your parenting potential to maximise your parenting successes. Alan’s writing allows you to experience his wonderful sensitivity and this goes a long way to help you to support the real needs of your children and young people.

I love the unique idea of providing continual FREE monthly teleconferences to support and nurture parents allowing them to share and learn from both their challenges and successes.

Well done Alan! A triumph!

Writer, Researcher, Infant Body Language Expert, Parenting Expert, Psychotherapist & Mother

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