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Monday, 9 May 2011

Living in the NOW Dude


In support of the lovely twitter mum @scribblingmum and her blog concept of "living in the now dude" I thought I'd type a blog...OMG, what you don't know is that I've just typed DUD instead of dude. OK I've corrected it now.

OK, sorry for the curve. Right, where was I? Oh yes, I felt it would be useful to reflect on the now and in doing so offer a little sneaky look at the world of me. OK, so who am I? And what is living in the NOW for me? Or in the words of the lovely Nikki (of Big Brother fame) "Who IS SHE??"

Well...yes I AM VIVIEN SABEL. I'm a Mum, a wife, a Psychotherapist, a Clinical Supervisor, a writer, a researcher, a friend, a sibling, and a daughter!

To be honest I reckon I am more than the sum total of all of the above but let's just say the above outlines who I am for the purposes of this exercise.

Living in the now and reflecting on the now is an interesting thought to ponder....

I'm a mother but my daughter is sleeping so my duties in relation to her are emotional rather than physical right now...that is until she wakes me with her smiles, jokes, singing and laughter at what sometimes seems a rather unreasonable hour!

Right back to the NOW. I am sitting typing and reflecting on what is going on for me in the now. I am currently awaiting news from a publisher in Australia. Literally I am due to hear any day now. For those of you who don't know, I have penned a mini series of books focusing on understanding you baby's body language from the minute your baby is born.

Now I wish to speak my truth here...I have two thoughts about this. I am passionate about sharing my exciting news in support of YOU learning all about YOUR baby's body language....of course I am. It was amazing for me so I feel it will be amazing for you too.

I am also feeling hugely excited about the about the potential of a publishing deal which may facilitate access to my exciting early baby communication system - The Blossom Method© across the globe. All of you who know me, know how excited I am about my findings in relation to Baby Body is written into my body!! I won't fill you in on all the detail now as this blog may turn into another mini book!!

Now is also fair to say I am feeling tired and inspired after an afternoon of clinical work. Confused about blogging. Curious about twitter. Positive about home-schooling. And a tad anxious about my very early start tomorrow and finding a parking space in the city!!

So my lovely scribbling mum and others this is a reflection of living in the now dude for me.

PS I am also excited by a very creative blog I have come across and I thought I'd leave the link below. The Monkey Traps Blog is the story of Steve a therapist and his over controlling inner monkey - Bert!! Enjoy!

And most of all spend a minute to 'live in the now dude' and create something that you can reflect upon with your family in years to come!!

Thanks for taking the time to share this with me.

Warmest Viv

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  1. You sound like one busy lady. I like that you were stressing about finding a car parking space, I do hope you found one!

    And I think it's fair to say that we're all a little confused by blogging and certainly Twitter ;)

    Thanks for joining in and glad your overcame your technical challenges. x

  2. You sound very busy indeed! Great to take the time to stop and reflect. I am very new to blogging and Twitter too - although I'm already starting to see how you could let it take over your life. Best of luck with all your projects xx