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Thursday, 29 September 2011

OK so I'm Deaf!

So after a little consideration and some frustration I decided I would like to know how deaf I am? I already knew I was deaf, but just how deaf am I? I visited a private hearing aid company and discovered (what I already knew) I am deaf. I have some nerve damage deafness mainly in my left ear. I suppose it’s helpful to know but there’s very little that can be done about it. Private hearing aids would potentially give some benefit and they would be hugely costly – approximately £2,500.

The lovely audiologist said he would refer me to the hospital and they can do the test again and that if I wished to see if a hearing aid would help then it would be better to be given one from the NHS. He was afraid that purchasing a hearing aid would be costly and was honest enough to encourage me to try an aid “for free” to assess the benefits for myself first.

I’ve been brought up around deafness and I have been involved with the deaf community for over 20 years. I am fluent in British Sign Language and maybe all of this goes a long way to making me comfortable with my deafness. Would you feel comfortable to be told you’re deaf? Does being deaf make a difference to your life? Do you resist your deafness and in doing so frustrate others?

Deafness for me is part of my life now just as it was as a child – my mother is profoundly deaf.

I hope this blog has made you think more about hearing loss, deafness and the need to embrace all of who we are….deaf or not.

Vivien Sabel is a UKCP Relational Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Infant Communication Consultant and mother. She is fluent in British Sign Language and formerly trained and registered as a Trainee BSL Interpreter.


  1. Sorry to hear this Vivien. You're certainly better equipped to deal with this than most people though!

  2. I'm so sad to hear about this, Vivien. I know it's hard to be in this kind of situation, but I know you're a strong person, and you are thankful you're alive. This too shall pass soon!