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Sunday, 4 September 2011

My latest independent parenting review

Independent Review by Vivien Sabel author of The Blossom Method™ - A revolutionary parenting/baby book (publication date June 2012). UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor & Researcher.

REAL brain development 'Love Your Baby' packets (mini book series) by Deborah McNelis, M.S. ed., Brain Development Specialist and owner of Brain Insights.

In agreeing to review these books I received a neat yet weighty parcel and inside I discovered some hidden gems. These books are unique, creative and educational. I have to say, I absolutely love them! I have so many good things to say about them I’m just not sure where to begin!

In the REAL brain development series there are six books for parents/professionals providing information about brain development through play, love and positive contact focusing on making connections in the first year and continuing on from age 1 to age 5. Each little packet has been prepared for easy access and each is jargon free.

I love the size of these mini books and the way they have been created; they are small and fastened together with a ring. It seems Deborah wanted to create these in a very easy and practical format so it is extremely easy for parents to use and take them anywhere. The ring, means you can easily flip to an activity that fits the current situation of the family (laundry, riding on the bus, cooking, waiting for an appointment, etc.) Each packet seems to be less like a book....and more like a simple to use and unique resource. Deborah has certainly achieved this with these little packets of joy.

These pre-eminent packets are a must read for all parents and professionals. The language is accessible and the pictures are delightful. My favorite consistent theme is hearing the voice of ‘our’ children throughout. The child voice can be ‘heard’ on the back of each page and it reminds you of what your children need to promote positive brain development. “My brain will adapt to whatever my world provides for me. For my brain to develop best, I need to have fun, interesting, loving experiences built into each day” McNelis (2008).

Each page provides you with information or an activity and then Deborah succinctly goes on to tell you all about what your children need for their brains to develop in the best possible way.

I think when Deborah produced these beautiful little books she had them in mind for providing ideas that some may not have been exposed to in their own growing up and to fit it in to busy working lives. But, she also kept in mind the busy professional parent who needs ideas just as much so they can spend quality interaction time with their children.

I think these packets should be given to each and every parent from their midwives, doctors or other healthcare professionals indeed any professionals working with parents or children to promote positive development. The ‘Love Your Baby’ packets can be used to support their efforts in an easy way through sharing practical ways to promote and easily learn about ways that really support brain development. Many schools, early childhood centres, parenting programs, family resource centres, nursery or Surestart centres, should make these available and distribute them to parents.

These mini books support ALL adults to realise that these are the ways science show us that brains develop best.

My daughter-in-law said she feels that it would be great if health services distributed these packets to those planning a pregnancy and those who have discovered they are pregnant. And I concur! I would have loved to receive my very own “Love Your Baby” packet. Then pediatricians, health visitors or other health care professional could give out the next one each year following!!

If I were the CEO of a health authority or other such company I would jump on board and consider using these packets as promotional items to increase the Public Relations of the company! They could also be used as promotional items for agencies or businesses wanting to promote the healthy development of children. These companies could have their logo and contact information printed on the packets!

The cost is $9.99 /packet US or UK --- International orders can be purchased with PayPal and the shipping will be calculated. When purchasing sets there is a discount in the price ... $27.00 for a 3 packet set or $54.00 for the 6 packet set. I believe bulk orders for organisations, schools or business get discount pricing for quantities over 25.

For more information and to order these pivotal packets and more from the REAL brain development series contact Deborah McNelis at


  1. Wow Vivien. What a find! These little gems sound amazing! We all know how vital early brain development is and the long term implications of not nurturing this. Can't wait to see them for myself!

  2. Vivien,

    I am so extremely honored by this wonderful review. You have captured not only my intent and purpose of the brain packets, but have also clearly explain both.
    You have also have brought out the dreams and goals I have for the use of these.
    Sincere thanks to you for your enthusiasm for my great passion to share information on how we can contribute to the healthy brains of all children so easily and in a very REAL way!!