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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My latest independent parenting review

Sign 2 Music

Independent Review of Sign 2 Music Volume 1 CD

I have never bought a CD of songs specifically to sign to but if I’d have known of this one I definitely would have bought it! Secondly I was so impressed by the vocals I found myself singing along in the car. As I was in the car, I thought it was best not to sign and sing simultaneously!

Deirdre McLaughin of Sign 2 Music created this wonderful CD and to her credit she is the lead vocalist and the star of the show! I can only wish I had a voice like hers! This fantastic CD is both easy on the ear and wonderful to sing along with.

For £10.00 you will receive a 26 track CD that has both popular and new songs included. Most of the songs you’ll recognise in an instant and others you will learn in no time at all.

This lovely Sign 2 Music CD will entertain your babies and toddlers for hours. If you don’t find yourself singing and signing along I’ll be very surprised.

Producers could (and generally do) a whole lot worse in finding vocalists for Children’s CD’s. If they need a vocalist of great caliber then they really ought to contact Deirdre!

One final comment, look out Mr. Tumble, Deirdre is waiting in the wings!

For more information and to purchase this MUST BUY CD go to

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  1. Oh thank you so much for the fab accolade Vivien. So glad you liked it. It means a lot to me. Hope others will enjoy it too. I know the children who come to our classes love it, so much so that the parents have convinced me to record Vol. 2. So watch this space!

  2. I should also have mentioned that the CD would not have happened without the wonderful backing tracks provided by the fantastic, talented, Rowena Howey

    I would highly recommend her for backing tracks and vocals. You won't get better :)