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Friday, 12 August 2011

10 things you didn't know about me

@theboyandme @mumonthebrink and originally- by @fayerios started a wonderful blog "10 things you don't know about me."

@mumonthebrink officially 'tagged' me and encouraged me to participate. There are so many things I could tell you but I'm just not sure where to begin........

Oh well here goes:-

1. I am fluent in British Sign Language & formerly trained as a BSL Interpreter

2. I have been run over THREE times (a car, a mini bus & a taxi on OXFORD ST. London and if your out there Mr. Taxi driver I know who you are)..he never stopped!!

3. I have written a baby/parenting book and it will be published in the near future!

4. My mum is deaf and always has been - she uses lip-reading as an aid to communication and doesn't primarily use Sign Language

5. I have worked as a nanny

6. I have one undergraduate degree & 4 postgraduate degrees

7. I have just started Karate and I love it!

8. I am an expert in Body Language.

9. I love to cook and eat Caribbean food (speciality curried goat, rice 'n' peas, plantain & green banana)

10. At 42 years old I am a Grandma!

Some of you will know some of these things but none of you will know them all!!

Any thoughts or comments?

Warmest Vivien


  1. Brilliant! Love it. It's great to give everyone an insight into your world. I knew most of those things but didn't know you'd been run over 3 times! And as for curried goat.......

  2. I am already laughing at how you will whip your opponents in karate, as you will ready their body language and see all their planned moves. hahaha! Headlines- Champion defeated by Super Gran!

  3. This is fabulous!!! Karate is so fun- I should take it again, too. I cannot wait to read your parenting book!

  4. Thanks for all of your lovely comments.

    I'll let the publisher know you can't wait to read my book Vivien. How amazing, you're the first Vivien (same spelling) I've ever met!!