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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Get off the Drama Triangle ~ Part II

Well hello again

For those of you new to this blog I'm in the process of unpacking my take on some of the theory taken from Transactional Analysis (TA). I have posted my thoughts and an overview of the role of rescuer from the Drama Triangle and I have promised to cover the role of the persecutor for part II. This is especially for @marylineleese as she said she was very much looking forward to the next part of this blog. Here we go Maryline! And thank you for all of the interest shown in my work.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of the Drama Triangle it is as suggested taken from TA. It suggests we are very much on the Drama Triangle if we feel like we need a rescuer, we feel like a victim or like we are being persecuted by others. Or, we are very much involved in the drama triangle if we feel like we want to persecute, victimise or rescue others.

In part I, I covered the rescuer and today I'll cover the persecutor. OK so have you ever felt like you want to persecute others or that you are being persecuted by others? If so, you are once again on or involved in the Drama Triangle.

Firstly if you have a need to persecute others I have a need to ask why? Why would you feel like you need to persecute? If you do it seems you are feeling less powerful than the others you need to persecute. If this is the case why have you given away your power? My advice here is NOT to involve yourself in the negativity of 'persecution'. If others are involved in these behaviours steer well clear. Make a stand and tell them you do not want to be part of these negative behaviours. You don't have to be involved in 'bitching' and persecutory behaviours. If you have a valid point to make, how about you simply make it! Talking to people about your feelings and owning your own power is much more positive than being involved in persecutory behaviours.

If, on the other hand, you feel like you are being persecuted then as suggested you have given your power away to an 'other'. Feelings of a persecutory nature can be stirred through past significant relationships or from powerful relationships in the 'here and now'. Either way I suggest you OWN YOUR OWN POWER and stop being a victim! Harsh I know but true!

Yes, in the past i have felt like I have been a victim of persecutory behaviours but once I began to understand MY ROLE in this and now I no longer experience this.

OK I think this covers the persecutor factor! Do let me know what you think?

Thanks for taking the time to view and share!

Warmest Vivien ~ The Powerful and non-persecutory one!!! LOL


  1. Great post Vivien. I always find that is is essential to allow people to feel supported but also respected in believing that they can find their way out of their drama triangles. This often means that we need to withold our interventions despite our best intentions. Empowering people to work their way out of toxic paradigms is essential to respecting them and for their personal growth.

  2. Bryon thank you and what you've posted is so very true! Supporting others and respecting they will find their way is so very helpful. For me, this starts in infancy with breast-feeding; giving your infant the locus of control knowing they will serve themselves well, placing faith and trust in their choices. Much appreciation for reading and posting Bryon! Warmest Vivien

  3. Hi Vivien. Thanks for Part II. And for my benefit! Wow! Getting in touch with our own power or - a term I actually prefer - our own potency is a great antidote to the Persecutor position. Thanks for sharing your insights. Part III? ;0) Maryline

  4. Great insights Vivien,

    Are you familiar with David Emerald's work and book The Power of TED*? There he offers an escape from the drama triangle through the empowered roles of creator, challenger and coach.

    Take a look at his website and let me know what you think.

    creating today,

  5. Hi Kathy

    Thanks for your comments about the Power of Ted. Website looks great. Thanks for introducing me to the Power of Ted and the concepts of creator, challenger and coach!

    Warmest Vivien

  6. Hi Maryline
    Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean about potency and power. I suppose I see both words as holding positivity, but I know others may not. I'll get on with Part III as soon as I can! It's tricky trying to write a brief overview of such a multi-layered concept but I am enjoying trying to introduce the concept of the Drama triangle & explore it's potential meaning in support of others. I also enjoy interacting with you and others here. Thank you for joining in! Warmest Vivien