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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Living with Turners Syndrome

So what is Turners Syndrome? Basically it’s a Chromosome abnormality affecting only females caused by a complete and partial deletion of the ‘X’ chromosome. 1 in every 2,000 female births results in the baby being born with Turners.

OK, scientific part over. Girls or women with Turners Syndrome may only have a few or several of the features associated with Turners (more on this later) but short stature and infertility are almost always present.

I was born with under developed ovaries. Not only were they under developed, they also had an increased chance of turning cancerous and so they were removed when I was 7 yrs old, I’m infertile. I’m naturally very maternal and have often wondered whether this is a natural instinct or whether it’s been strengthened due to my circumstances. Thankfully options of IVF are now available to women with Turners and that’s something I’ve began looking in to recently, so watch out for updates in future posts.

I’ve learnt it’s important to have a positive perspective, I’d never cope otherwise. Many people have argued the only purpose of human life is to procreate, I couldn’t disagree more!!  We are all here for a reason for being here and that reason can be a million and one things, all individual to us. I mean, you have to leave your stamp on the world in some way right? A lasting legacy. My instinct tells me I would probably have fallen pregnant early if I were able to conceive. That may have got in the way of development in other aspects of my life, my career for example. Call me crazy, deluded, on cloud cookoo, I don’t care, I probably am. Not having a baby naturally was just fate and if it’s meant to be, IVF will work or I can adopt. It’s important I have a purpose in life and thinking the way I do helps me come to terms with it.

As for my short stature, well, you know what they say about good things and small packages ;-)

For more information check out  which includes further information and personal accounts of other women living with Turners. 

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