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Sunday, 30 September 2012

A review The Blossom Method

The Blossom Method- The Revolutionary Way to Communicate With Your Baby from Birth
By Vivien Sabel
ISBN: 9780091947538
Published on June 7 2012 by: Vermillion               RRP: £7.99

Vivien Sabel is a registered Psychotherapist. Her first book The Blossom Method™ - The Revolutionary Way To Communicate With Your Baby From Birth describes the communication method she has developed. For more information about The Blossom Method™ go to

Review by Sharon Trotter (Midwife and founder of TIPS Ltd)
The Blossom Method will become an international bestseller!
I have never made such a prediction about any book before but then this is no ordinary book. Its message is simple enough: observe, mirror and respond to your baby's non-verbal clues and you can learn to better understand their language.

Vivien Sabel was the third and last child of a non-signing deaf mother (an inspiration in her own right). This taught Vivien to recognise the subtleties of non-verbal communication instinctively. Vivien used these skills to communicate with her baby daughter Blossom who was born in 2004. Vivien went on to research this very topic for many years, observing many newborns' ways of communicating: tongue-talking, body-talk, eye gaze and simple signing.  When Vivien tried to discuss her findings with other new parents she was surprised to find out that they were not already using this simple system of communication to ‘talk’ to their babies. So she decided to share her tips with us all in a book. Professionals and parents were quick to praise Vivien’s book and after dozens of enthusiastic reviews from many parenting experts around the world a publishing deal soon followed (you can follow Vivien’s inspirational journey to publication in our latest ‘My Story’ feature).

Named after her daughter, The Blossom Method will help everyone to better understand baby language. Once you understand a baby, you can quickly learn to speak back and respond to their needs before they become distressed. What Vivien describes is so simple and so obvious that you may wonder why we have not heard about this before. In fact, this is nothing new. Babies have been ‘talking’ to us since time began but maybe we have lost the ability to fully tune into their language, especially in the fast-paced world we live in. The Blossom Method™ will help us all re-learn our babies' non-verbal signs. This is sure to greatly reduce stress for all parents!

A few years ago I was asked to review the Dunstan Baby Language DVD ( ). The concept is similar to The Blossom Method™ but the Dunstan Baby Language lists five common baby sounds as the basis of a communication system. The Blossom Method™ identifies many more communication clues for parents, including baby talk, leg kicking and even the smell of baby’s breath. Understanding and responding to these clues can greatly increase the bond with your baby who in turn will feel more secure and self-confident.

The Blossom Method™ clearly explains how to observe, mirror and respond to your baby. It also provides various testimonials from parents who have used The Blossom Method™ to deal with a number of parenting issues like constipation, early signs of illness and early potty training.
Where this book proves to be a real gem is in its relaxed tone and non-judgemental advice. Anyone who reads this book can become a better parent or carer – you can’t say fairer than that!
I am so impressed with The Blossom Method™ that I have decided to award it a TIPS Must-have

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